Residential Units in Manchester

Prices start from £170,000


  • 2 & 3 Bedroom Townhouses
  • East Manchester
  • From £195,000
  • Assured 6% rental yields
  • 68 to 88 square metres
  • Estimated completion Q4 2018
  • 30% Deposit – Mortgages Available
  • Parking spaces available


This Residential investment project is an exciting new urban village development for Manchester, the fast growing city at the heart of the British government’s initiative for a Northern Powerhouse to rival London and the south east. The development will provide 127 high-quality homes, including apartments, cottages, live/work units, townhouses and duplexes in East Manchester – with easy access to the city centre.

Factor in the excellent bus, tram and rail connections and the easy access to the motorway network and it’s clear to see how this project marries convenience, quality of life and the attractions of a world class city – lifestyle benefits that combine to provide an appealing option for the discerning investor.

This development in Manchester will provide a rich mix of accommodation and distinct house types carefully laid out to form a welcoming and appealing urban village landscape featuring Orchard Square, courtyards and roof gardens. The development provides high quality aspirational housing, reflecting both the nearby Fairfield Conservation Area and a rich industrial heritage, to offer stylish, contemporary homes with modern appeal.

Why Manchester?

Manchester, according to a line from Mancunian band The Smiths, “has so much to answer for” but these days it is more accurate to say that it has so much to offer. A city which combines a rich history with a vibrant present and an exciting future, Manchester is located just over 200 miles north-west of London and is increasingly the preferred relocation area for people who want something more manageable but with as many possibilities as the capital. Manchester has never been a city which sees itself in competition with London: it is a city proud of its own heritage and place in the world.

From its place at the epicentre of the 18th century Industrial Revolution to the birthplace of the world-famous liberal and independent newspaper, The Guardian, to its position at the vanguard of British music since the late 1970s to the relocation of significant sections of the BBC to Manchester in recent years and the home of one of the world’s great football teams, Manchester United and their resurgent rivals Manchester City, it is one of the best cities around in which to invest in property.

Work on the new high-speed railway (HS2) is scheduled to begin in 2017 and will eventually link Manchester to all the other significant cities in the UK through a high-speed network. This will augment the international airport which is already the busiest in the UK outside London and an infrastructure which makes the city easily traversable and accessible through the national motorway system.

On top of its current desirability, Manchester is a city with ambition. Manchester needs more homes to cope with its expected growth and the plan is for 225,000 new homes to be built over the next 20 years within the Greater Manchester region with billions of pounds allocated to achieve this.


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