Mobikes start in Manchester

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London have the Boris Bikes(or Santander Cycles as they’re supposed to be called) and now Manchester has Mobikes. To continue the growth journey Manchester is currently taking, the Mobike aims to revolutionise the way Manchester residents make short trips. As of yesterday, 1000 bikes are available in Manchester for anyone to use.

The cost is tiny, just 50p per 30 mins however users must first pay a £49 deposit when signing up for the service, but that’s refundable.

The reasons Mobike say this is revolutionary is down to the lack of maintenance as well as the technology involved.

Each bicycle is connected to the network via the GPS embedded smart lock. A user can search for the closest bike on their app’s intrgated map, reserve it for up to 15 minutes and then go pick it up by scanning the code on the bike.

According to Mobike, the bicycles are maintenance-free for 4 years. Airless tyres, hydraulic seat adjustment and disc brakes and aa shaft drive, similarly to a car so need for a chain make it all possible.

This a great step for Manchester and really shows why this is an up and coming city certainly worthy of investment.