UK Income Producing Property

UK Income Producing Property deals with the property projects of the UK for both the domestic and international investors. Our key focus here at UKIPP is off-plan projects which let investors acquire guaranteed rental yields and long term capital growth. For any project we work on, we make sure we are keeping in mind the aspects of integrity, reliability and transparency for all involved.

While having these values in mind, the team of the UK Income Producing Property works actively to create the relationships with the property developers and the industry experts. Thus by working diligently together our company offers the services which help the private and the cooperate customers and investors to gain the property assets all across the UK. The cities which are in our main focus within the UK are Manchester, London, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, and Huddersfield.

Our portfolio of UK property investments on offer is very diverse and frequently changing: an investor would have the option to invest in either:

Residential Apartments

Traditional apartments in central locations designed for those wishing to rent in the city. Typical tenants would be young families and professionals. Rental yields tend not to be so high as other property classes, however long term capital gain is considered far stronger for residential apartments in the UK.

Student Accommodation

Purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) essentially mimics university owned accommodation in terms of size and structure but is privately owned and accommodates for the severe undersupply of beds that almost all universities can offer in the UK. With up to 9% rental yields, PBSA provides are superb return on invested monies.

Care Home Apartments

The aging population in the UK has unearthed huge potential in this asset class. Investors can purchase apartments/units in complexes that operate as a care home with specialist facilities. With demand of this type of property only increasing over the next few decades, yields and capital appreciation is very much in the favour for property investors.

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